Nils Frommhold – honest and simple. 100% Nils

Nils Frommhold

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“It’s easy for me to keep coming back to St. Pölten, because I just think the local atmosphere is really cool.”

Nils Frommhold is a German professional triathlete and has already won several long and middle distances. Also in St. Pölten the 33 year old was already on the podium. Come back to St. Pölten? Nils likes to do that again and again and he was enthusiastic when we asked him to become our testimonial.

“The routes are diversified and are very suitable for me as an athlete. The atmosphere on site is simply cool, everything is central and you just find your way around quickly and easily,” he says with a smile. In addition, St. Pölten is the race for him that can always be combined with meeting his parents. The two live in Berlin and are passionate about travelling with their caravan. Nils explains that, from Freiburg’s point of view, Berlin is virtually at the other end of Germany. However, in St. Pölten they were always happy to be there and could stay right next to the start and finish. “It’s always nice to have support along the route,” he says with satisfaction.

As a professional athlete, however, the sporting successes are of course also important for him. Success also leads to whether you feel comfortable in a race or not and how it stays in your memory. With his second place in 2014 and his victory in 2017, he has consistently positive and beautiful memories of the race in St. Pölten. What stands for Nils as a person? No matter if Kids Triathlon or “Meet & Greet with Agegroupers” he always likes to be there. Whether giving a starting signal or just chatting – Nils is is game for anything and also has fun himself with it. “But why I really come back is my stone winner badge in St. Pölten,” he says laughing. “I’ve only seen it on pictures so far and now I’d like to see it in real.”

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