Hermann Aschwer – Age might be a reason but no barrier

Hermann Aschwer

Anyone who thinks age is an excuse is wrong. For 38 years now Hermann Aschwer has loved and lived for triathlon. The 72-year-old has already competed in over 350 triathlons and has competed also ten times in St. Pölten.

There are no excuses for him. “Yes, medium or long distances always means: challenge, endurance, proof of one’s own fitness, but also fight against the track, against the weather influ

ences, against the imponderables, all this coupled with a corresponding basic fairness,” says Hermann. “But that only makes you stronger.

He lovingly describes the course in St. Pölten as his triathlon living room. In this “living room” he has found many friends from all over the world. He still duels with one or the other on the track today. Hermann has given us ten reasons why the race in St. Pölten is always so special for him:

  1. The immediate outdoors, so no restrictions and impairment of the 3 endurance disciplines swimming, cycling and running through industry or big cities.
  2. The start, the finish, the exhibition grounds, the Challenge Dome and even the parking spaces are in the immediate vicinity, better is not possible.
  3. The central location makes it very easy for spectators and contacts to get to know each other.
  4. The athletes enjoy the short distances.
  5. Swimming in the well-working starting waves and in the two lakes is always an attraction.
  6. A cycle route of superlatives: 20 km on the motorway, then the trip along the Danube and through the Wachau, the interesting climbs and the entertaining return trip to St. Pölten. It couldn’t be better, more beautiful or more charming!
  7. The 2 laps along the Traisen with the short side trip to the city are very nature-loving and entertaining.
  8. St. Pölten has always fair competitions where sportsmanship and fair behaviour is very important.
  9. The atmosphere at the opening and award ceremony is always something special. For many it is the beginning of the season and everyone is full of anticipation.
  10. The race is the “uncrowned queen” among the middle distances – exciting, attractive, interesting and challenging.

The enthusiastic triathlete is also known for his 20 triathlon books. “I love to motivate people convincingly,” says Hermann. This is where he found his great passion next to triathlon. He loves to be part of the Challenge Testimonials. “Another opportunity to infect many people with my enthusiasm and motivation. Challenge St. Pölten 2020 – I’m looking forward to seeing you”.

Hermann Aschwer

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