Challenge St. Pölten – Mittle Distance

The middle distance is the main race of Challenge St. Pölten. It takes place on Sunday, 30th May 2021. Starting time is 7 a.m. Challenge St. Pölten has a pro race and an age group race in the main competition.

Five reasons to race in St. Pölten:

(c) Benni Schön

1. Swimming in two crystal clear lakes
2. Beautiful closed-to-traffic bike course, through the UNESCO World Heritage Center Wachau 
3. Running through the baroque downtown area of St. Pölten
4. 17 years of experience 
5. Event Area in the Olympic Centrum St. Pölten 

Based in Lower Austria, St. Pölten has many attributes that make it a spectacular event. With 17 years of experience, this Triathlon race is one of the oldest middle distance races in Europe.

With its two-lakes swim, this race features a dreamlike backdrop. Thousand spectators line the route and the race routinely attracts some of the best Professional Triathletes in the world. The spectacular bike course features  incredible scenic views as it winds through vineyards and the UNESCO World Heritage Center Wachau. Finally athletes discover the beautiful baroque downtown area of St. Pölten as they run along the Traisen river.

Lower Austria is a great holiday destination and easy to reach from Vienna Airport.

The weekend festival around Challenge St. Pölten is perfect for all those who enjoy sports.

Challenge St. Pölten & Challenge Roth

Challenge Roth offers 100 pre-registration slots for Challenge St. Pölten starters. So with starting at St. Pölten you get the chance of one of 100 secured slots for Challenge Roth 2022. When the registration for St. Pölten starters opens, will be announced soon!

Challenge Family

We are triathlon! We are family!