pewag Junior Challenge St. Pölten

The start of the race week at the Challenge St. Pölten 2021 will make the Youngsters on Friday, 28th of May. The Junior Challenge is a Aquathlon for all the future triathlets from 5 to 14 years old.

pewag Junior Challenge

Hard Facts

  • Start 14:00
  • Distances: depends on the age of the child. Please, see the table below!
 age group
app start time
0 <2016 300m 14:00
1 2014-2015 25m 800m 14:10
2 2012-2013 50m 1500m 14:25
3 2010-2011 75m 2000m 14:45
4 2008-2009 100m 2250m 15:05
5 2006-2007 125m 2500m 15:30

Transition is open until 20min prior the start. Meeting point is the swim start 15min prior the start. For wave 0 the meeting point is the kids finish.

More information about the time schedule you can find here! Information about the entry fee you find here!

Course Maps pewag Junior Challenge St. Pölten