You are a PRO triathlet and would like to race Challenge St. Pölten? We really happy to welcome your at our race. For Challenge St. Pölten count the same the rules as for other Challenge Family races.

In order to race as a PRO in a Challenge Family Event, the athlete needs to apply for and hold a professional membership with Challenge Family. For information please have a look here!

If you are interested in racing Challenge St. Pölten please contact Nina Schwarz.  She will declare with you all about additional services and entry procedures.

Price Money

Challenge St. Pölten offers the same price money as other Challenge Family races.

1st €3,500
2nd €2,100
3rd €1,400
4th €1,150
5th €850
6th €500

Challenge Family World Bonus

Challenge Family has introduced a pro athlete bonus scheme to its races. The initiative provides professional athletes with the opportunity to race for a share of a USD 150,000 end-of-season bonus as well as a prize purse at the races. Information about the program you can find here!