Hello december!

Hello december!

The actual time is quite hard and different for all of us. Some parts of our daily life changed and some of you might have to deal with some troubles by themself or in their surroundings. The situation affects us too and we know that triathlon and sports competitions are not priority number one.  And that’s okay! But we believe that sport is a great possibility to break out a bit. Just to forget the whole situation for a time and to do something good for yourself. It doesn’t matter of outside or inside, if performance-oriented or just for fun. It’s all about doing it!

Day to for day we are planning the Challenge St. Pölten 2021 und we are keeping on that it can take place on May 30th, 2021. But till then it’s still a lot of time. We were thinking about, how we can do something good for you NOW. And so, our ADVENT CALENDER came into existence. Day for day there will something waiting for you in our Instagram/Facebook story. Everyday bits and bobs which should put a smile on your face or affect you in another way. There are great price draws, training tips, athletic exercises and messages from cool persons waiting for you.
We hope you have fun with it, you can take bit of additional value out of it and the luck is with you in the price draws.

For all of you who are excited about competitions, emotions and excitement there will be a great showdown in a few days. During Challenge Daytona the PTO 2020 Championship takes place. On December 6th a few of the best triathletes will be battling at the International Speed Highway in Daytona and you can watch it live. For sure it will be an exiting race!

At this point we wish you a nice time until Christmas, enjoy the days as much as possible, #keepontraining and we will se each other on May 30th, 2021 in St. Pölten!

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