Step by step to a green event

Step by step to a green event

The Challenge St. Pölten Triathlon has set itself a big goal for the coming years. The themes of sustainability, environmental protection and responsibility will come to the fore and should become an important distinguishing feature of this traditional event.

Resource and climate protection as a characteristic feature

Sport and sustainability are two dominant themes in society. On the one hand we want entertainment and on the other hand the idea of sustainability must not be neglected. The sport of triathlon is very closely connected with nature,” says organiser Christoph Schwarz. Training, competition, recreation – many things take place outdoors and is also an important aspect that makes triathlon so unique. The competition in St. Pölten is internationally known for its beautiful landscape and unique routes. “And we intend to keep it that way.” the entire team agrees.

With great support until target achievement

The company BESTZEIT receives support for the project from participants of the Sustainability Challenge. The two-month course serves as an interface between science, business, politics and society. It connects motivated students from different disciplines with real projects. Interdisciplinary work and global thinking will be promoted and exciting ideas will emerge in this collaboration. ” Together with our team of seven motivated and committed students, we want to work towards our goal”, says Schwarz. The first meetings were very exciting and have already shown us, as organizers, completely new perspectives and ways of thinking.

The goal, a climate-friendly triathlon event, is a long-term one, which cannot be achieved in one year. Well-tried and well-functioning structures must be changed and adapted. Step by step measures are to be taken and changes established. ” The athletes will continue to be our main focus and the spirit “We are family” will be carried on in this project”, Petra Schwarz mentions. Optimal solutions for athletes and the climate should be found. ” It is a new challenge that we are happy to take on and are very much looking forward to,” says P. Schwarz.


The premiere of the Challenge St. Pölten had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the corona pandemic. New date is the 30th. May 2021. The cancellation was a big disappointment for the whole team. The reward for months of work was missing and the anticipation of a great starting field was blown away from one moment to the next. Nevertheless, the company BESTZEIT looks back on a successful summer. Ten somewhat different but very successful events could be organized in summer 2020. ” It was a learning-by-doing. However, we have gained a lot of experience and are looking forward to the 30th place with great confidence. May,” Christoph Schwarz is pleased to say. ” We are ready to give everything and make the first Challenge St. Pölten Triathlon a complete success”.