It’s been a while…

It’s been quite calm for a while on all our channels. After delaying Challenge St. Pölten to 2021, we decided to concentrate on the actual situation and to make the best out of it. We launched a small series of swim and bike competitions in the end of May 2020. It was called “Back on Track” and it was quite a success, because a lot of athletes were really happy to get the opportunity to be part of a competition – even if they were many rules to observe. The highlight was for sure the swim-run event, which was the end of the series and which gave us all confidence that there can be a tri-season in 2021, even with all the rules and regulations.

In July we finally started our real tri-season, which ended after three successful events in the middle of September. Happy athletes, lots of finish line smiles, great memories and three safely undertaken events makes our team quite happy. That’s how we try to keep the summer of 2020 in our minds.

What’s next?

Well now we are planning, researching and putting all our forces together that Challenge St. Pölten 2021 can take place on May, 30th in St. Pölten. We’ve learned many lessons this year, we saw how events can take place and we also learned event by event what can be done better or what must be done in another way. Our task for this winter is – as always – doing our best to prepare a great experience and a great triathlon for YOU!

Next to that another great project has started. We will tell you more about it, as soon as possible. Just a small clue – we think sustainability is really important and everybody needs to do their part. And that’s what we will do!