Challenge St Poelten Race Song

At the Challenge St Poelten, we know how much this race means to our athletes, how much training is put in and how much support is given from family and loved ones. So we are committed to making this event unforgettable for you!

As one of the oldest middle distance races in Europe, we not only feature a unique swim in two crystal clear lakes, a closed-to traffic bike route with a closed motorway and a scenic ride with some killer hills through the world heritage site of Wachau, and a super picturesque run along the river Traisen finishing in the baroque town of St.Poelten, we also have the best team, partners and volunteers to make this race an amazing experience for you! 
And now – courtesy A.Voltage x Sarah  White – we also have our very own Challenge St Poelten race song!
Click here for the full Challenge St Poelten Race Song! 
In true Challenge Family style, it’s going to be a triathlon party, and it’s going to be legendary!  ?


The race takes place again on May 29th, 2022. Registrations are open.

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