Pressekonferenz Challenge St. Pölten 2024

Welcome to the press conference of the Challenge St. Pölten!

Together with representatives of the City of St. Pölten, the Province of Lower Austria and the host, Niederösterreichische Versicherung, we would like to present the highlights of this year’s Triathlon Challenge St. Pölten, which will take place in St. Pölten from May 24 – 26.

Last year’s second place winner Daniela Kleiser and the two Austrian professional triathletes Michael Weiss and Philip Pertl will also be on hand to answer your questions. Nico Mann, winner of Challenge St. Pölten 2022 and Tom Hug, winner 2023 will take part in the press conference online. Herwig Grabner (ÖTRV) will present the details of this year’s Austrian National Championships.

The press conference will be streamed live on Youtube and Facebook!