Elevating Performance: Challenge St. Pölten Embraces Cádomotus Innovation

The Challenge St. Pölten’s latest partner is leading the way in technological advancements and performance improvements within the triathlon community, thanks to their innovative cycling shoes. Renowned for its advanced range of helmets, tri-suits, and bags, the brand’s cycling shoes featuring carbon soles have notably set a new standard in the market. This pioneering development has captured the attention of elite triathletes, evidenced by partnerships with luminaries such as Niek Heldoorn, the 2022 Embrunman victor, and Rico Bogen, the 2023 IM 70.3 World Champion.

“The Chronos Aero has everything you could want in a cycling shoe”

Cádomotus’s flagship models, the Chronos Aero and the Worldcup T2, are engineered for speed across any distance. These shoes boast a carbon shell, thermoformable footbed, and sleek aerodynamic design, garnering acclaim within the triathlon community. Niek Heldoorn, celebrated for his Embrunman victory at just 23, recently committed to a three-year partnership with Cádomotus, drawn by the unparalleled carbon sole quality, aerodynamics, and support for long-distance performance. Highlighting the significance of efficiency in cycling, Heldoorn attests to the shoes’ ability to conserve energy and improve race times through superior power transfer and support.

Rico Bogen, the prodigy of the 2023 season from Germany, has also endorsed the Chronos Aero, praising its comprehensive features that meet all a cyclist’s needs. “The Chronos Aero has everything you could want in a cycling shoe,” Bogen remarked, highlighting the significance of even marginal gains in competitive racing. His coach, Joseph Spindler, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We’re always looking for the best equipment. The differences are often minimal because all the products are top-of-the-range. But we think this shoe can improve Rico’s results. It’s 100% different from conventional cycling shoes.”

Cádomotus’s innovative design replaces traditional structures with a rigid, thin carbon shell, ensuring optimal power transfer and a custom fit through thermoforming, enhancing comfort and performance. Bogen appreciates the direct power transmission, noting, “The power is transmitted directly to the pedal, and nowhere else. I really appreciate that. What’s more, there’s less pain in my calf muscles, which is great.” He also hopes the aerodynamics will enable him to develop a few extra watts in competition. The ease with which they can be put on and off should also help him save time during transitions, offering stability and reducing foot fatigue—a major advantage when starting the running segment.

The adoption of Cádomotus shoes by other elite competitors, including Marlene de Boer, the European vice-champion, and several athletes in World Triathlon Championship Series, underscores the brand’s impact. With roots in ice speed skating, Cádomotus leverages its expertise to deliver superior triathlon gear, establishing itself as a key player in the sport’s equipment industry.