Update May, 17th

Regulation update

By May 19th, new guidelines and a new regulation are in effect in Austria. Also for us and you some things have changed and we have adapted the prevention concept. Please have a close look at the points and see what applies to you. Also, please check again how it looks in your country with regulations and whether something has changed.


For entry from Germany: The athlete must be tested (antigen 48h, PCR 72h), recovered or vaccinated (vaccination with an approved vaccine. Day 22 and not longer than three months after first vaccination or nine months after second (or only necessary) vaccination). Proof of this must be carried.

Please note that this may change at any time and other rules may apply for the return journey! We therefore recommend all entrants to have the invitation form confirmed by us and to carry it with them when entering the country. Please do this by May, 20th at the latest, as we will have less capacity available after that, due to the set-up on site.

For all other countries: The athlete must be tested (antigen 48h, PCR 72h) and carry the entry form confirmed by us.

Additionally everyone (no matter from which country) needs to register online here. This is possible 72h before travel.

Test duty

Until now, we have communicated that everyone has to be tested. This has changed with the regulation. From May 19, the following applies for on-site, check-in to the hotel or catering:

1) tested: antigen test 48h, pcr test 72h
2) vaccinated: Vaccinated with a vaccine confirmed by the EU, 22 days and no longer then 3 month after first vaccination, or 9 month after full vaccination
3) recovered from covid infection: 6 month after officially recovered from covid infection

Please note: This does not only apply to incoming athletes, but also to Austrian athletes staying overnight in a hotel or visiting a restaurant! Point 1 – 3 must be proven with a document of an official authority. The proof must be brought in German or English!

Test possibility on-site
As already communicated several times, we offer a fee required test possibility (€ 10,-) at the event area (EXPO). Test can be done Friday 10-17h, Saturday 10-17h and Monday 9-12h. Please book in advance here.

Check-In Event Area

For the check-in at the event area the points 1 – 3 are now valid. For tested persons the following applies: All official tests are valid for 72 hours and must be valid until the end of the race. I.e. the test has to be be done earlier than Thursday 6pm. Recovered and vaccinated persons do not have to do a test (see point 2 & 3). Proof of vaccination or recovery must be presented.

It remains the same that all registered accompanying persons and athletes have to go to the check-in (“test control”) on Friday or Saturday. On Sunday only accreditations and no other proofs will be checked. It also remains the same that one accompanying person per athlete is allowed. All other friends and family must watch the race outside, along the course on public ground.


For gastronomy (also hotel gastronomy) a registration obligation applies in addition to points 1 – 3. Every guest must be registered. Please make sure to reserve tables in advance, as capacities are limited due to the square meter rule.

Our event caterer Flieger Catering will offer a food option inside the bubble at the venue. The “restaurant” will be open from Friday noon until Sunday evening. So you have the possibilty to eat inside the bubble and do not have to go somewhere else. More information will follow soon!