Current Trends

Coronavirus and current trends

Dear athletes,

unfortunately, the coronavirus also has Austria under control. Due to the current developments concerning events and other measures of public life, we are also thinking about the Challenge St. Pölten, which will take place on 24th May 2020. As already reported yesterday, from a current point of view the Triathlon Challenge St. Pölten will take place regularly.

But in order to be able to guarantee a certain planning security for our athletes, partners and helpers, we have already taken care of a potential alternative date. Should the Challenge St. Pölten not be able to take place in May due to political decisions, we have currently fixed August, 14th – 16th 2020 as a possible alternative date. The schedule would remain the same and the entire weekend, including all side events and other program items, would be postponed to August.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our long-standing partners for the good cohesion and flexibility they have shown us in this situation. We will continue to keep you up to date. We hope that the current situation will quickly calm down again and that we will be able to hold a successful premiere of the Challenge St. Pölten on May 24th!


The current deadline on March, 24th for deregistration (with 50% refund) and transfer to 2021 will be postponed due to the current situation and is valid until we announce further information about the further plan of the Challenge St.Pölten. As an alternative date in case of a possible postponement we have prepared August, 16th. We will also keep you up to date! Stay healthy!

Your Challenge St. Pölten Team