20-meter drafting rule and RaceRanger

Like some Challenge Family races, Challenge St. Pölten is also introducing the 20-meter drafting rule from this year – 2024 – that has been very enthusiastically received among athletes worldwide. By simultaneously using RaceRanger, the aim is to make the race even more fair.

20-meter drafting rule

Together with Challenge Family and the Austrian Triathlon Federation, it was decided to introduce the 20-meter drafting rule on the bike course for all athletes this year. The aim is to guarantee a fair race for everyone – regardless of whether it is the professional race, the national championship or the standard competition.

With the one-lap bike course, we have the opportunity to establish such a change in St. Pölten and would like to use this chance for an absolutely fair race.

RaceRanger in St. Pölten

In addition to the 20-meter drafting rule, RaceRanger will be used in the Pro Race for the first time this year. RaceRanger is a revolutionary triathlon start-up providing an electronic drafting detection solution to the sport for referees and triathletes.