Enervit Sports is official nutrition partner of Challenge St. Pölten Triathlon. Two strong partners for a strong race. Enervit offers the perfect products to keep you strong before, during and after the race.

Nutrition & Aid Stations

Since 1954, the traditional Italian brand Enervit Sport has been producing dietary supplements for endurance athletes. The product portfolio includes gels, bars and powders in various flavours. Since the right diet and the careful use of dietary supplements enable optimal performance, a team of doctors, nutrition experts, scientists and athletes work continuously on innovations. The focus is above all on the individual needs of athletes in training and competition. The products enable the body to be optimally supplied with long-lasting energy before and during sport and reduce signs of fatigue. After exertion, they ensure rapid regeneration. Enervit’s products are developed and manufactured in its own factory in Zelbio, Italy, and in Erba, northern Italy.

Following products will be provided during the race:

  • ENERVIT SPORT Competition Bar – Energy Bar, glutenfree
  • ENERVIT SPORT Isotonic Drink

All the products are developed to keep you hydrated and to keep your energy-level high.

ENERVIT SPORT Competition Bar

It’s a energy bar and perfect during sports where a intense muscle contraction takes place. It’s glutenfree and available in different flavours.

ENERVIT SPORT Isotonic Drink

It’s a isotonic drink which contains carbohydrate, elektrolyts and mineral salts. It helps you to keep your energy level high during long endurance sport sessions and optimizes the water absorption of you body during sports. The isotonic drink can reduce you tiredness and exhaustion, boosts your endurance and energy and offers rehydration. It’s also available in different flavours.


This gel contains of carbohydrates and vitamins and is develope for people who are having a increased energy consumption, for example during a race. It’s used during long and intense sport sessions. It’s developed for sportsmen, practically and safe, and offers you the energy which you will need during the race. It’s available in different flavours and with or without coffein for the extra kick.

Nutrition & Aid Stations


Aid Stations on the bike course

Aid Station 1 at km 27
Aid Station 2 at km 65

Set up of the aid stations

Littering Zone  | Water | Electrolyte | Bars | Bananas | Electrolyte | Water| Littering Zone

Aid Stations on the Run Course

There will be three aid stations on the run course approximately every 2,5km.

Set up of the aid stations

Littering Zone  | Water | Electrolyte | Bars | Bananas | Electrolyte | Water| Littering Zone

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