Travel and Registration Information

Last update: 25th, May 2021 | 11am

Here you can find all the information for travelling and racing in Austria. Please go trough it step by step and take care that you have got all the forms which you will need.

Entry to Austria

On Wednesday, May 19, new entry rules apply to Austria. It depends from which country you want to enter Austria:

1. safe countries: 3G rule, no quarantine.

For vaccinated, recovered and tested persons the quarantine is note necessar and the entry is possible.

3G Rule means:

Tested: Antigen testing 48 hours and PCR testing 72 hours.
Recovered: People who have already had a disease are exempt from testing for six months from the date of recovery or antibody test which is not older than three months;
Vaccinated: vaccinated with an approved vaccine. 22nd day and no longer than three months after initial vaccination or nine months after the second (or only necessary) vaccination.

A corresponding certificate must be carried in German or English. This medical certificate will be accepted upon entry. Vaccinated persons should carry their vaccination certificate and for tested persons the test certificate (digital or print) is sufficient.

These countries currently include Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Principality of Lichtenstein, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and the Vatican.

2. at-risk states: No quarantine for vaccinated and recovered persons.

Stricter rules apply when entering from a high-incidence state. There is no quarantine for vaccinated and recovered persons. Those who have only one test must be quarantined for at least five days. The invitation form eliminates the quarantine. This means the athlete must:

We recommend EVERYONE to do it, because the regulations can change at any time.

These countries include: Croatia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden and Cyprus.

3. virus variant states: PCR test and quarantine

Entry is severely restricted and only possible by PCR test and quarantine. If this concerns you, please contact us!

These countries include: UK, Brazil, India and South Africa

For everybody counts:

  1. Everyone needs to register on the online platform of the ministry.
  2. Do not forget a valid photo ID

In most countries return travel is also possible without quarantine with a negative test if you travel for business reasons (what you do with our invitation). We do not have influence on the return travel so please check that with your own country. We recommend that all athletes only travel to the race and back with a confirmed letter of invitation.


On the race venue, in the hotels or restaurants the following rules apply. You have to fullfill one of the following points:

  • tested: antigen test 48h, pcr test 72h
  • vaccinated: Vaccinated with a vaccine confirmed by the EU, 22 days and no longer then 3 month after first vaccination, or 9 month after full vaccination
  • recovered from covid infection: 6 month after officially recovered from covid infection

1) Hotel: Up to May, 19th hotels in Austria are open and the three points as seen up are valid.

2) Time slot for on site registration: Please pick a time slot to pick up your starter bag here. friday 11-6 or saturday 10-7
If you do not pick a slot the organizer will do that for you and you have to follow that.

3) You are allowed to bring one person to the race bubble. You must register this person here. No additional person is allowed to accompany you (even underage childeren are not allowed).The data will be saved for 28 days from the covid repersentative and deleted afterwords.

4) You and your accompanying person must bring a negative covid test or a proof of vaccination or a proof of recovery from COVID to Challenge St.Pölten. We will check that result, date and your idendity. Only official tests are valid (no self-tests).
Please come 30min in advance of your booked registration slot to the check-in at the expo on site – without a checked test you will not get access to event site & registration.

The tests should be made at home or teststations near your accomodation. If that is not possible you can book a test for an onsite test for 10€. Please know that you need to book that in advance here. Available times: friday & saturday 10-5 , monday 9-12 (for athletes who need a test for the return travel). Please plan enough time for your test to get to registration on time.

Currently applies: The official test for the race is valid for 48h antigen and 72h PCR and must be valid until the start of the race!
That means: You have to take your antigen test earliest friday 4:30am to get access to the race.
If your test is only valid shorter, you can still pick up your starting bag until validity of the test. You have to make a new test check on saturday afterwords. All athletes and their accompanying person must get their check latest on saturday with a test that is valid until race end. There will not be any check-ins on race day!

5) What I need to bring to the registration on site (= pick up of starting bag)
After your check-in is done you can pick up your starting bag/papers. Only you are allowed to do that (no accompanying person allowed there):

  1. Photo ID
  2. Annual Austrian triathlon license – all others need to purchase a day license for 16€ (individual and relay) please bring exact cash!
  3. You must know your BIB (startnumber). List will be sent out 2 weeks before the race and available on the website.
  4. You must fill in the ÖTRV document „athletes waiver Covid 19 Events Austria 2021 St.Pölten“ and bring it with you.
  5. You must fill in the ÖTRV document: „pre event questionnaire Covid 19 Events Austria 2021 St.Pölten“ and bring it with you.
  6. FFP2 Mask

6) On race day only athletes, registered accompanying persons and officials have access to the race venue. You must wear a FFP2 mask during the whole stay if not in race action. Even during check in, at the swim start, in transition area,..). Details will be communicated later in the online race briefing.

We will update you regularely about changes of determinations. Short term changes could be possible especially concerning hotels and travel. For Austria a reduce of the restrictions has been announced for mid may. Please check your emails, our website and facebook site regularely to always be updated.

Should a country completely forbid a travel to Austria we will find a fair solution for affected athletes.