On-Site Catering

Our caterer Flieger Gastro offers you with the Tri-Lounge the possibility to eat Friday- Saturday directly at the race site inside the bubble. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to small snacks in between, everything is prepared for you.

Your advantage?

  • You can reserve tables online
  • You don’t have to leave the race site and you can combine your meal with check-in, registration or an EXPO visit

The Tri-Lounge pays attention to regional and seasonal food. Some vegan and vegetarian dishes can be found on the menu and also on a sustainable way of working is emphasized. To reduce waste, the Tri-Lounge relies on a deposit system for beverage cups. You can take a look at the menu here.

You can reserve your table here. Please note that without a reservation, there is also the possibility to get a seat on site at short notice. However, we cannot guarantee anything. The maximum length of stay for the table is 1h. Then it will be reassigned.