Here you can find a few questions you might have about Challenge St. Pölten. If there is anything you can still not find, don’t hestitat to contact us by mail office@challenge-stpoelten.com

FAQ Covid-19

Is it possible to transfer from the middel distance to the bike-run contest?

Yes, a transfer is possible without any extra fees. Please contact petra@challenge-stpoelten.com

I do not want to start. What do I have to do?

All the information and the formular you can find here.

Where do I get information about the actual regulations in Austria?

You can get information at the website of the Austrian government or the Austrian Sport Federation. We also try to keep you updated here!

Will the race side events as Junior Challenge or Company & Fun Triathlon will take place?

We are sorry to announce that they can not take place this year!

Which kind of COVID test result is necessary?

There are three possibilites:

1) tested: antigen test 48h, pcr test 72h

2) vaccinated: Vaccinated with a vaccine confirmed by the EU, 22 days and no longer then 3 month after first vaccination, or 9 month after full vaccination

3) recovered from covid infection: 6 month after officially recovered from covid infection

I have to go into quarantine for 10 days when travelling to Austria. This is not possible for me. What do I have to do now?

As a starter at the Challenge St. Pölten you can enter Austria without quarantine. Athletes from countries with entry restrictions (in May) to Austria need in any case an invitation from us. All the details you can find here.

What happens if I am tested positive on-side and not allowed to race?

We offer a goodwill solution in this case and allow a free transfer to the next year. In principle, the Terms and Conditions of the organizer would apply, which do not allow any refund or transfer after 31.3. But in this case a transfer without transfer fee is offered for the affected athletes.

Can my family and friends enter the race area with me?

Each athlete is allowed to bring another person into the bubble. This person must be registered in advance and also have a negative antigen or PCR test. The rest can be along the course. Also the EXPO can be entered by everybody and there will be a catering outside “the bubble”.

Common questions

When is race day?

30th, May 2021

How do I enter for the next race?

You can register online for Challenge St. Pölten 2021. Have a look here!

How much is it to enter?

It depends on the actual price level. All the prices you can find here!

What's included in my entry fee?

Please find the included benefits here!

Is there a waiting list for the event once entries sell out?

No, we do not have a waiting list.

I haven't received a confirmation e-mail. Where can I find it?
How can spectators get around and watch me on race day?

The best place to watch ist around the event venue, next to the finishline or along the run course. The roads along the bike course are mostly closed, so it is not easy to watch the bike AND run part. Because of COVID restrictions this year visitors can’t enter the race area. But they can watch the race along the course (public space).

Are there side events at the race weekend?

No, because of the prevention concept there won’t be any side events. Normally we have the Junior Challenge and Company- and Funtriathlon on Friday. We hope that next year we can do them again.

How many slots are there for the Challenge Championship Samorin?

6 places for each age group and there will be a roll-down until place 12. Slots will be given via E-Mail.

What is the withdrawal/ transfer process if I can't race?

The withdrawal rules you can find here.

Where can I sign up to volunteer?

Please contact us: petra@challenge-stpoelten.com . We are really happy to welcome you in our team!

Is there a location for lost&found belongings?

Yes, the lost & found will be at the info point at the expo.

Who do I contact regarding photos?

Official race photos are done by Marathon Photos.

Race Information

What are the cut-off times?

Swim: 1h 10min (plus max 5 min transition)
Swim/ Bike: 5h 30min
Swim/ Bike/ Run – all: 8h 30min

What are the distances?

Swim 1,9km
Bike 90km
Run 21,1km

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, you have to be 18 on race day.

What age group am I in?

You will compete as the age you are on 31st December in the year of the race.

Is there a relay entry?

Yes, we also have relays at Challenge St. Pölten. You can find the details here.

What nutrition is available on race day?

Official nutrition partner is Enervit Sports. Information about nutrition you can find here!

Travel & Accomodation

What's the venue adress?

Bimbo Binder Promenade 9
3100 St. Pölten

Do you have partner hotels?

Details about our partner hotels you can find here. For information about the city St. Pölten please have a look at the local website.

Race Week

What do I need during race week?

You need to register yourself at the race venue and you have to rack your bike and transition bags.

What is the registration procedure at the race venue?

You must attend personally at the registration during the opening hours on site (see schedule) to pick up your race essentials (BIB number, bike sticker, swim cap) and goody bag. Please know your BIB number and bring a photo ID, your signed waiver (will be sent out) and your annual license (or 16€ in cash for a day license). Only the Austrian annual license will be accept. If you not have one, you have to pay 16€ in cash. Relays also have to pay the day license.

Is there a welcome party?

No, because of the prevention concept we can’t have our pre- and post-race dinner. But you’ll get a food goodie bag sponsered by our partner SPAR. We think that’s quite a good alternative!

Can someone register and rack my belongings for me?

No, you have to attend by yourself.

Can someone else collect my items after the race?

No, only in case you have a medical issue. Your supporter needs your ID and start number to pick up the bike.

Swim Information

Swim Facts

The swim course will be in too different lakes. Between the lakes your have a few meters of running. The start is single start in group. Which means every two seconds one athlete will enter the lake and after 200 athletes there will be a short break.

Can we practise the swim course prior the event?

The two lakes are public and swimming is allowed. The course will be marked latest on friday prior to the race.

Can we enter the water prior to the race to warm up?

We have no dedicated warm-up area. So please leave the water at 6:15 am.

Can I wear neoprene hats, booties and gloves?

Booties and gloves are forbidden. Your hands and feet must be naked.

Bike Information

Bike Facts

Challenge St. Pölten has a one loop bike course with 90km. For more information look here!

Can I use a hybrid/ mountain bike?

Yes, you can.

Can I use disc brakes?

Yes, but maybe the spare wheels won’t fit.

Run Information

Run Facts

Challenge St. Pölten offers a two loop run course, where you will pass the race venue four times. This offers the spectators the chance to see the athletes often and to cheer more.

Can my friends/ family/ pets run down the finishline with me?

No, this is not allowed.